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To use the IPY-PPSA web application for metadata inputs and updates you must register as a user. This will ensure that only validated researchers and metadata populate the online database. If you have a valid Memorial University e-mail account you can proceed to Step 6 in the registration process. For users who do not have a Memorial University e-mail account please follow the instructions to setup a Memorial University guest account as well as the instructions to register for the IPY-PPSA web application.

Setup a MUN guest e-mail account:

  1. On the IPY-PPSA web page click "Login" (upper right on web page)
  2. On the menu page click "Click here to signup"
  3. Follow the instructions on the MUN login guest account menu. Username will be your "full" e-mail address. Note that the password must be at least 8 characters long and the password must include 3 of 4 character types (ABC.. abc… 123… #!/…). Make sure the all items listed to the right of username and password inputs contain "check marks". Note do not click confirm until all items are checked off.
  4. Activate guest account by replying to e-mail from MUN guest account setup wizard.
  5. After clicking the link to activate the MUN guest account login to your MUN guest account. This procedure will register you as MUN e-mail user. Close the MUN web page and go to the IPY-PPSA web page.

Register as an IPY-PPSA user:

  1. On the IPY-PPSA web page click "Login" (upper right on web page)
  2. Use the menu for Registered MUN login and MUN login guest account "click here to login"
  3. After login click on "For Researchers" tab and click "My IPY" menu on the left.
  4. When prompted with the "Register with IPY – Registration Status" click here to register as a user on the IPY-PPSA web metadata application. LOGOUT (upper right).
  5. You will receive an e-mail from the web administrator indicating that you can add and edit metadata on the IPY-PPSA web database. Note: It will take approximately 24 hours to get the final notification of registration.